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Fishing Reports


June-July, 2022


Most lakes are fishing well. The hotter weather will drive fish deep during the day and can be caught using leech and blob flies. Try matching the hatch for a productive evening bite.


Lots of fun in the local rivers as cutthroat have moved in to feed on salmon fry. Your best bet for a catch is using smaller minnow/streamer pattern flies.

Steelhead are still ever elusive but your perseverance may be rewarded.

Most river estuaries see Cutthroat feeding on fry patterns as they are swept towards the ocean. Muddler Minnows will also be a good choice. The local rivers start to really produce in June and improve daily. Try a bead head hare’s ear, prince nymph or a bead head small nymph and get them down to the gravel/sand.

July always brings a bounty of Pinks to our local rivers. Use a weighted fly and short tippet, 2-3 feet. Bead head Handlebars are very popular in a range of colours including pink, blue or chartreuse. Casting small lures in similar colours is another effective method.


Catch and release Chinook fishing has been very productive. Lots of good choices for gear including your favourite hoochie/flasher combination, tomic plugs, sandlance spoons or even a good jig. Bucktailing is also a fun way to catch a salmon; Chinook go crazy for the locally tied Mikes’s Salmon bucktails.

Ling cod fishing is spectacular in this area with many favourite spots to try. Point Wilson Darts are a personal favourite and can’t be beat. Halibut fishing is hit or miss locally but a short drive north gets you into the right habitat for this tasty flatfish.

Beach fishing always picks up in mid-July with early Pinks showing. Try using small pink, blue or chartreuse spinners. Fly fishers will use a floating or hover line with an intermediate sink tip. A regular 9’ leader will suffice. Flies should not be weighted for beach fishing and many flies, including the pink, blue or chartreuse handlebar are a good choice. Mid to late July can also see early Coho stalking the beaches. Early morning or a rising evening tide are best choices. Coho will take many of the same lures cast for Pinks and will also go crazy for the holographic colours of BuzzBombs.

Fishing will continue to improve and vary as the season progresses. We will endeavour to keep you informed with our regular updates.