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Fishing Reports

October, 2021


Most lakes have picked up as the weather has cooled down. The cooler weather will increase activity during all hours of the day, so try mornings, afternoons and evening for continued action. Higher elevation lakes will be even cooler especially early morning and evenings. Try matching any hatch for a successful fly day. Using leeches and nymphs should produce results


Pinks are done in the river barring a few exceptions and they are usually very dark.
Chinook are still present and provide a challenge when hooking one in the river. Try a Vibrax Blue Fox spinner for good results. You may also use larger flies. The dirtier the water the brighter and larger the fly must be. Check your regulations by location for retention of Chinook information.
Coho have arrived, try weighted flies in chartreuse, blue, red or silver. Wool can also be used in the same colours. Colorado spoons are also a good choice. A trip to the river could be rewarded with a Coho or a Chinook! Watch for bears as they are fattening up for the winter. It’s never a bad idea to pack some bear spray and use bear bells.
Chum will arrive in October and just like Chinook are a real battle in river waters. Fish Chum like you would other salmon just use heavier equipment!

Steelhead are here but few and far between. You patience may be rewarded.
Be prepared for an epic battle if you hook into one of these…


As of Sept 1st you are allowed to keep 2 Chinook over 62cm and in most local areas the fishing has been hot! Lots of good choices for gear including, your favourite hoochie & flasher combination, tomic plugs, Big Eye spoons or even a good jig. Bucktailing is also a fun way to catch a salmon.
Coho will go crazy for bucktails, spoons, Rooster Tails, Krocs. Zingers and Buzz-Bombs and the smallest Point Wilson Darts will also produce action in the shallow water.
There should be lots of hatchery Coho ripe for the catching!
Halibut limits have been increased, check your on-line regulations for the latest updates.

Beach fishing has picked up with Coho now the spotlight. Try using Rooster Tails, Krocs, Zingers and Buzz-Bombs.
Fly fishers will use a floating or hover line with an intermediate sink tip. A regular 9’ leader will suffice. Flies should not be weighted for beach fishing and many different flies will produce.
Colours of red, blue or chartreuse are a good choice. The chartreuse California Neil is one of the best in this area. Early morning or a rising tide are the best choices.

Campbell River Fishing Pier is an opportunity for an exciting catch or just to see some action. The Chinook will still be around the pier and fisherman will cast many a lure to try to catch one before they are done for the season.
Coho will also be visible and catchable. When a fish is hooked you are sure to see a crowd around the fisherman and lots of “free” advice. Point Wilson Darts have proven to be the most productive and durable lure over many years. Best results can be had using a 2oz. lure on a slack or ebb tide and a 3 oz. Lure on a flood or when the current is stronger. Other good lures to try are the Pucci or Chovy jig.
Spending a couple of hours fishing, getting some fresh air, walking or fishing or eating ice-cream will be a great way to spend some time.
Chum are starting to show in some of the local rivers with better results found the further north you travel. October rains will bring an abundance to the local river systems.

We will strive to keep you up to date with our monthly reports.

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