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Fishing Reports

August, 2021


Most lakes have slowed down somewhat over the summer due to the heat . The hotter weather will drive fish deep during the day so try morning or late evening for better action. Higher elevation lakes will be cooler and more productive. Try matching the evening hatch for a successful dry fly evening bite.


Lots of fun in the local rivers as the pinks have arrived and have moved in ready to spawn. There will be a steady supply of Pinks returning to our local rivers for the next month. Use a weighted fly and short tippet, 2-3 feet to get your fly deep. Bead head Handlebars are very popular in a range of colours including pink, blue or chartreuse. Try to use weighted flies for best results. Casting small lures like the Kokanator in similar colours is another effective method, even wool works well to entice Pinks.

Steelhead are here but few and far between. Your patience may be rewarded.
There will also be the odd early Coho and even early Chinook in the river, be prepared for an epic battle if you hook into one of these…



As of July 15th you are allowed to keep 1 Chinook between 62cm and 80cm in most local areas and fishing has been hot! Lots of good choices for gear including your favourite hoochie/flasher combination, tomic plugs, sandlance spoons or even a good jig. Bucktailing is also a fun way to catch a salmon.
Chinook go crazy for the locally tied Mikes’s Salmon bucktails.

Ling cod fishing is spectacular in this area with many favourite spots to try. Point Wilson Darts are a personal favourite and can’t be beat. Halibut fishing is hit or miss locally but a short drive north gets you into the right habitat for this tasty flatfish.

Beach fishing is picking up with Pinks showing in many areas. Try using small pink, blue or chartreuse spinners. Fly fishers will use a floating or hover line with an intermediate sink tip. A regular 9’ leader will suffice. Flies should not be weighted for beach fishing and many flies, including the pink, blue or chartreuse handlebar are a good choice. August will see Coho appearing close to the beaches. Early morning or a rising evening tide are best choices. Coho will take many of the same lures cast for Pinks and will also go crazy for the holographic colours of Buzz Bombs.

Campbell River Fishing Pier is an opportunity for a catch or just to see some action. Chinook will be around the pier and fisherman will cast many a lure to try to draw one close. When a fish is hooked you are sure to see a crowd around the fisherman and lots of “free” advice. Point Wilson Darts have proven to be the most productive and durable lure over many years. Best results can be had using a 2oz. lure on a slack or ebb tide and a 3 oz. Lure on a flood or when the current is stronger. Other good lures to try are the Pucci or Chovy jig. Even trying a BuzzBomb or Zinger may prove effective.
Pinks are also caught from the pier this time of year, a great place to spend a couple of hours getting some fresh air, walking or fishing or eating icecream.

The Campbell River Tyee Pool opened on July 15th and will continue until Sept 15th, with boats fishing both morning and evening tides.
Check out their website for full information, regulations and catch records.
Visit the beach in front of the Tyee Club and you will be able to see the row boats in the Tyee pool, with each fisherman hoping to land a Tyee Chinook of 30LBS or better on restricted tackle.

Fishing will continue to improve as more Pinks, Coho and Chinook arrive to seek out the island rivers. We will strive to keep you up to date with our monthly reports.