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Fishing Reports

January, February & March


Most low level lakes continue to be productive. The colder weather has increases activity during daylight. Higher elevation lakes will be even colder or even frozen. Try matching any hatch for a successful fly day. Using leeches and nymphs should produce results. Worms and wedding bands will also continue to produce.


Most rivers are still productive for cutthroat with occasional steelhead. You will need larger flies for steelhead, plus the dirtier the water, the brighter and larger the fly must be. Be cautious of rising water and hidden obstacles in the water. A good wading staff would be beneficial.
Steelhead are already in some rivers here but few and far between, your patience may be rewarded if you put in the time.
More rivers will become active in mid to late December and into January and February, some rivers even blossom into March and beyond.
Be prepared for an epic battle if you hook into one of these…


It’s the time of year when the feeder Chinook should show, they have already arrived.
Tomic 4” Plugs should be the starting point. Anchovies or herring will also produce. Depths may vary by the hour so if you see no activity, keep changing your depth until you see action. Some of the old faithful hoochies will also produce.
Beach fishing will improve for cutthroat mostly at creek and river mouths. Try using small lures or flies.
Fly fishers will use a floating or hover line with an intermediate sink tip. A regular 9’ leader will suffice. Flies should not be weighted for beach fishing and many different flies will produce.
Colours of red, blue or chartreuse are a good choice. The chartreuse California Neil is one of the best in this area. Early morning or a rising tide are the best choices.
Prawning should be good over the winter months, look for depths over 300’ and keep an eye on the weather.
Use Carlysle cat food, or, try Tyee Marine Ultimate Prawn Pellets or Prawn Scent. They work best when combined in the same bait jar.
We will strive to keep you up to date with regular reports.

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