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Emergency Kits . Click here … We can help in Canada


We would be happy to help anyone who is trying to put together an emergency kit for their home. Here is a list of essentials. We have most of these items in-stock. Please call for questions or assistance.

Water/purification tabs

Backpack/duffel bag

Portable/wind-up radio

Cell phone

Candles, matches and flashlight

Spare batteries of different sizes

Important papers/Passports

Money in Small Bills

Prescription drugs

(check expiration dates)

Loud whistle

Spare car/house keys

Baby/pet food

First aid kit (see section on first aid kit)

Light Weight Food/bottled water

(enough for three days)

Fuel/cook stove

plates/forks and utility knife/can opener/multi tool

Spare eye glasses and/or contacts

Warm blankets/survival blankets


Toilet paper/personal supplies

Hand sanitizer

Spare clothing and Socks

Portable Solar Charger

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