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Essential Knots The Step by Step Guide in Canada


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* The only knots book available that comes with its own practice cord!

* Easy-reference format explains the most frequently used knots

* Detailed photographs show exactly how to tie each and every knot
Essential Knots is a practical, colorful, and easy-to-use guide to knots: how to tie them, when to use them, and why a specific knot is the perfect choice to make. Clear and concise step-by-step instructions are completely illustrated with precise photographs guiding the knot tyer. Additional text describes the variety of uses for each knot and provides alternative suggestions for similar knots, while full-color photos show each finished knot in use. Includes instructions for the best 85 knots to use for: Camping, Climbing, Everyday Activities, Fishing, Paddling, Sailing, Scouting, Tricks, and More!

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