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Point Wilson Dart Anchovy in Canada




Second in the Baitfish Series is the DART Anchovy. From cold Canadian waters to warm tropical reefs, this lure really packs in the gamefish! And that includes all cold and warm water species.

Designed with unmatched detail and crafted by hand, this DART is a remarkably versatile lure. Its wide body and fluttering action make it deadly weather cast, trolled or jigged.

The DART Anchovy is available in 5 sizes and 10 colors!
• A10 – 1 oz.
• A20 – 2 oz.
• A30 – 3 oz.
• A40 – 4 oz.
• A60 – 6 oz.

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Blue-Nickel, Dorado, Glow, Green- Nickel, Nickel, Pink-Pearl, Purple-Black, Pearl- White, Sardine


1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 6oz