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Caldwell Lead Sled Plus in Canada


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The Original Lead Sled revolutionized the shooting rest market by nearly eliminating felt recoil from even the heaviest magnum rifles. The Lead Sled Plus is the next-generation of Lead Sled. Like the Original, the Plus reduces recoil by up to 95% while securely holding your gun on target. Key improvements include a designed precision elevation shaft that eliminates wobble and play in front elevation keeping you perfectly on target, and a universal weight tray. This unique tray adjusts to accommodate a variety of weight types, such as 25-pound bar bell weights, sand or lead shot bags (weights not included).
Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 13″.
Weight: 15 lbs.

Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 66 × 29 × 10 cm
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